Sunday, February 9, 2014


Over a million people around me yet I feel so alone
For they are strangers to me
I walk around my apartment, looking at pictures of family on the walls
And wonder if I will ever see them again
My place is full of furniture and things but somehow it feels cold and hollow

It has been seven years since I have worked
I didn't think that the healing would take so long
At first, there was the pain in my body and then there was the pain in my mind
Now there is the pain in my heart

I look out the window and gaze over the city
Cars go by on the street headed to some final destination
I wonder if they will have someone to greet them when they get home
I wonder if they feel the same pain

How long does one go on feeling this way
Before you don't feel any more pain, before you don't feel anything at all
How long do you go on before you hit the bottom 
And drown into the abyss.