Monday, March 24, 2014


Photo by JC Photography, Fort Nelson, BC. Northern Gateway Pipeline.

     Just like the $6.5 billion Northern Gateway Pipeline connects Bruderheim, AB, to Kitimat, BC, so we too are all connected, and in more ways than one. 
     Did you know that there are over 6 billion people using cell phones to connect with other people from all parts of the earth? I was recently on my cell phone with my cable provider who connected me with a rep in India, then she connected me to a rep in Brazil, then he connected me to Canada, Montreal to be exact. It was less than 50 years ago, in 1973, when Martin Cooper of Motorola created the cell phone. It's incredible when we think about how something so small changed the world.
     Do you think that this is what our spiritual prophets of long ago meant when they said that we are all connected? Did they mean that we are all part of the whole and that we are all connected to that whole and this is just the beginning of what was said so long ago? Are we just balls of light compelled to get back to the source, or did our prophets actually see the future of the world, the things that connect us to one another on this earth, like highways, railways, the world wide web, and so on? Are these the kinds of things that will really connect people or will it be the end of our human connection?
     I have a phone, and I have family who live in other provinces, but I don't feel that connection. We can talk to one another by phone or internet, but do we really connect? I know people who live in the same house and don't connect, or on the same street, the same small community, they may even be brothers and sisters, but they don't even pick up the phone or even walk to the other's house to say, "Hello, how ya doin'?" Do you think these kinds of earthly connections will be of great importance to the future of mankind or will it be a sign of what's to come and the ruination of a species?