Wednesday, April 23, 2014


You are forty years old today
We thought we’d never see you this way
There’s a bounce in your step and color in each cheek
And you’ve got a smile on your face that just can’t be beat

You were lost to us for such a long time
And you did some things that were very unkind
You would have been out the door under different circumstances 
And from now on there will be no more second chances
We hope you realize just how close you came
But it’s better now that you have stopped playing your game

We like to see you getting off work early
To come home and spend more time with your family
It’s nice that you are able to relax
It’s wonderful not seeing that monkey on your back

We hope that you will have a very good day 
And take a moment to appreciate all that you see
And know that we are thankful to have you and we are happy
We are grateful for the person you are trying to be
And we hope that we are helping to make that easy

This poem was inspired by a hope for a new beginning, a chance for a better tomorrow, and faith in the unfaithful.