Monday, April 14, 2014


April 1, 2014
(Don't for get the date!)
Liisa Cormier
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
(Your return address.)

Customer Service Dept.
Revlon CIC
P.O. Box 6113
Oxford, NC
(The company name and address.)

Dear Customer Service: 
(Salutations. Try to get a contact name if you can, if not, direct it to the proper department.)

I have been a very satisfied customer of your products for over 25 years.  
(Let them know that you have been a long-time customer, because a long-time customer is a satisfied and therefore, a valued customer. Positive statements encourage action.)

Recently, I have tried your Grow Luscious mascara and the brush does not work as well as claimed. Also, the formula is thick and sticky which causes application of far too many strokes; I don’t want to spend more time than I have to “putting on my face” in the mornings. Over the years I have experimented with various formulas with various brushes and some have worked, some have not. I prefer a formula that goes on in one stroke and you’re done!  
(State the problem with the product in a clear, precise, professional manner. List the facts. Letters that are understood quickly, well-written, and professional are taken more seriously. Also, a concise letter of complaint must make its main point in less than five seconds. A bit of humor in a complaint letter also creates a friendly, intelligent and cooperative impression.)

I regret to say that I am dissatisfied with this product and would like a refund of the product and postage please. I have enclosed the used product as well as the receipt for speedy process. If you have any questions, you may email me at xxxxxxxxxx. 
(State politely how you would like the problem resolved. Letters with a considerate, cooperative and complimentary tone are prioritized because the reader responds positively to the writer and wants to help.)

Thank you for your help in this matter. Hope you have a wonderful day.
(When people read letters, they form an impression about the writer, so if you want positive results, be positive and say positive things.)

Very sincerely yours,

Liisa Cormier
(Your name and title, if available. Don't forget to sign your name in ink, just above your typed name.)