Tuesday, June 24, 2014


This poem was inspired by my nephew who, as of June 14, turned 3  years old. He was only a few weeks old when he underwent surgery to correct a condition whereby part of his intestine was being "pinched" by muscle and his formula would spew out of him a few minutes after eating. His mother knew there was something wrong and kept bringing him to the doctor, but they kept telling her it was the formula she was giving him. However, she felt different and demanded they do more testing. Sure enough, they found the problem and it was corrected and now he is a healthy, happy, toddler. 


I came to see you the other day
You looked at me in a peculiar way
One eye was open, the other one closed
And you had the cutest little button nose

You were a wonderful shade of pink
With strawberry blonde hair
And when they asked me to hold you
I said, "Oh, I don't dare!"

You see I was more than a little nervous because
Your Mom said you had a build-up of mucous
And I wouldn't know what to do
When that would happen to you

So I watched your Mom feed you
And you burped when she patted your back
But then you threw up
And I almost had an anxiety attack!

But your Nan was there to help clean you up
Your Pop was there too, he came with a mop!
Your Mom felt bad because you were in such a way
And your Dad couldn't help because he was away

Everyone waited to see what you would do
We looked at you without a clue!
Then your Pop started talking to you
And you looked at him and went "Coo."

We were so relieved to see you smile
And you stayed up for a long while
Your Mom took a break and gave you to Nan
And your Pop kept talking to you
He's such a nice man

Well it was plain to see you were in good hands
You're loved very dearly with so many fans
So this is what happened, it's what I say
When I came to see you the other day