Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I believe my worst known fear is the fear blood. This fear is probably from an early childhood experience. I know of two childhood experiences. The first childhood experience happened when I was about five; I was playing on the paved area of the schoolyard when I saw a girl with blood gushing out of her legs, she was crying her eyes out and it was pretty freaky. 

The next experience was when I was 6; I was cutting with safety scissors and I accidentally cut my finger, it was only a small cut but the blood was pouring from it. My mother came into the room and freaked out, she called my father who had to take the bus to get home, but when he arrived the entire calamity was over. My finger was wrapped in gauze for like two months. That is why I believe my worst fear to be blood.

Written by Jacob Kendall
Age 11