Sunday, January 11, 2015


When I purchased online basketball tickets for last night’s game back in November for a Christmas gift for my husband, I had no idea that going to a basketball game was going to be so exiting. It was my first time attending a game and my first time at the Air Canada Centre and I have to say, it was an awesome night.

It was the complete opposite of what I’ve seen on TV. For instance, the Air Canada Centre itself was small, as well as the court, and the players didn’t seem like giants. Instead of commercials I saw the Raptor’s mascot doing dances, playing tricks, and keeping the audience thoroughly entertained. Enthusiastic and energetic cheerleaders danced choreographed cheers, handed out noise makers, and got the crowd roaring by giving out free Raptors t-shirts. Other dancers amused the audience, and at half-time there was a dog show! Vendors were selling snacks and beverages; you really didn’t have to leave your seat, unless you needed to “go.” We had good seats and saw 99% of the action; people tend to get excited and stand up in front of you, but that’s okay because you can see everything that’s happening on the court on the big screen above. Also, actress Susan Sarandon sat across the court from where we were sitting.

The game itself was thrilling. The Raptors were a little slow getting their game on in the first quarter, but gained the lead by half-time and accelerated by the third quarter. They kept it up winning the game with a score of 109 points with 96 points for the Celtics. All the players were quick and lively. There were a few fouls and a few time outs, during which 6-8 security guards secured the court; I mean they literally stood at attention.  I never saw so many security guards, which stands to reason that I don’t get out much.  The thing that was the most amazing to me was the three point shot. For a player to get that ball and quickly shoot it twenty-one feet to that basket is astounding! According to my husband not a lot of players can do that. If I had seen that on TV I would have thought nothing about it, but seeing it for real made me appreciate the talent and skill that’s involved. Seeing the Raptors play at the Air Canada Centre gave me a whole new appreciation for the sport.

My son was enthralled by the game, oohing and ahhing at every attempted shot at the basket, but what he liked most were the snacks.  He loved the popcorn and the nachos and cheese were delectable. Yes, snacks were a bit costly, but if you’re going to dish out money for the tickets then you may as well dish out the money for the snacks, after all, it is a night out with the family.

So, for anyone who hasn’t seen the Raptors or any other basketball game this year, I highly recommend that you see one soon. It’s a great time for the whole family, for the young and young at heart.

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