Tuesday, February 17, 2015


The first boy who chased her (in the playground).
The first boy who made her laugh.
The first crush she had on a boy.
The first time she wrote her name with a boy’s name.
The first time she was humiliated about liking a boy.
The first boy who had a crush on her.
The first boy who professed his love to her.
The first boy who stalked her.
The first boy she chased.
The first boy who rejected her.
The first boy she kissed.
The “first” time.
The time she was his “first.”
The first “he used her and she used him” relationship.
The first boy who talked “trash” about her.
The first drunken night with a boy.
The first boy she rejected.
The first bad relationship.
The first “make-up sex.”
The first boy who hit her.
The last boy who hit her.
The boy who got away.
The first boy she called, on the phone.
The first boy she spent all night talking to, on the street.
The boy she took to the prom.
The first boy she picked up at a bar.
The boy who gave her an STD.
The first time she got picked up at a bar.
The first “booty call.”
The first boy who gave her a gift.
The first boy who gave her flowers.
The first time she spent in a hotel with a boy.
The boy she was ashamed to be with.
The first boy she lived with.
The boy who scared her.
The boy she ran away from.
The boy who was “too good” for her.
The boy she was “too good” for.
The boy who “forced” himself on her.
The boy she married, out of fear.
The first boy who lied to her.
The boy who mentally/emotionally abused her.
The boy she divorced.
The boy who stalked her…in a good way.
The first boy who brought her take-out.
The first boy who “blew her mind.”
The boy who cooked a romantic dinner for her.
The boy who was ashamed to be with her.
The boy who betrayed her.
The boy who destroyed her.

The first man she met.
The first man who took her to a decent restaurant, with a white tablecloth.
The first man who didn’t feel threatened by her independence and strength.
The first man who treated her like an equal.
The first man who respected her.
The first man she respected.
The first man who never stopped wanting her.
The first man she never stopped wanting.
The first man who accepted her just the way she was.
The first man she accepted just the way he was.
The first man she shaved her legs and pits for, all the time.
The first man who took her to visit his parents.
The first man her parents liked.
The first man who asked her to marry him.
The man she went on a vacation with, south of the border.
The man she shared a home with.
The man who fathered her child.
The man who raised her child.
The man who supported her and his family.
The man who brought out the best in her.
The man she would do anything for.
The man she supported.
The man she confided in.
The man who confided in her.
The man who laughed and cried with her.
The man who had the same morals and values.
The man who took care of things, as they came up.
The man who knew the importance of spending time with family.
The man who never forgot an anniversary or birthday.
The man who took care of everything, including her, when she was sick.
The man who went to the pharmacy for “women things.”
The man who never let the passion dwindle.
The man she never let see the things men aren’t supposed to see.
The man who always kissed her passionately.
The man who loved Christmas.
The man who showed her off to all his friends.
The man she showed off to all her friends.
The man who believed in her abilities.
The man who spent hours in the rain just to get her concert tickets.
The man she took to her favorite concert.
The man she stood up for. 
The man who stood up for her.
The man she trusted.
The man who trusted her.
The man who never let himself “go.”
The man she never let herself “go” for.
The man who loved her deeply.
The man she loved deeply.
The man who grew old with her.

I found the following in my documents folder--I don't know who wrote it, where it came from, or how or when it found its way into my documents, but it's very interesting. Not meant to offend.

Here's to all the Real men out there:

Boys play house. Men build homes.

Boys shack up. Men get married.

Boys make babies. Men raise children.

A boy won't raise his own children. A man will raise his and someone else's. 

Boys invent excuses for failure. Men produce strategies for success.

Boys look for somebody to take care of them. Men look for someone to take care of.

Boys seek popularity. Men earn respect by knowing how to give it.

Boys quit and walk away when things get hard. Men will promise to love you through it all.