Sunday, May 31, 2015


From the outside, it doesn’t look like much. It is a corner unit at the west end of a small one-story building. There is an uncovered patio with some worn tables and faded plastic chairs. There are other buildings around back. The view, upon looking out of the west side windows, is that of the Esso gas station and carwash at the corner of West Drive and Clark Boulevard. If you are sitting at the table facing Clark Boulevard, the view will be that of Clark Boulevard, bustling with traffic at any time of day.

When you open the door you will walk directly past the tables and up to the counter. Here, you will be greeted by one of the friendly, smiling ladies—they are all wonderful, easy to talk to, and very pleasant—and you will place your order. The choices and prices are written on the chalkboard above; just lift your chin a little. After you pay for your order, you may sit at the table of your choice (the furniture is rather dated, but no matter) and one of the ladies will bring your beverage; there are free coffee top-ups. The coffee is a light to medium roast with a slight nutty and chocolaty bouquet. Your food will be served as soon as it is ready. Other than a few pictures of food on the walls, there is nothing much to look at, but you’re food will be served shortly.

The ladies are always working to keep the place clean and the customer is the top priority. The girls tie their hair back and wear black uniforms, and the chef’s hair is covered and he wears whites.

There will be people there who look like they are really enjoying their meals, that’s because they are. There will be a few patrons who sit and enjoy reading the paper at their leisure, while sipping their coffee and munching their toast, but most patrons are not overly chatty, they are there to eat a hearty, nutritious, and well-balanced breakfast and get on with their day. The sign says ALL DAY BREAKFAST, but they do offer a lunch menu as well. However, people mostly order from the breakfast menu. The bacon and ham can be a little salty, but that is the nature of the meat. The sausages are moist, not dried out. The eggs are served any way you want them. The home-fries are actually fried, but not greasy. The bread is like your mama used to make, tastes homemade, never crumbly, always fresh, and slices are thick. Pancakes are almost ½ inch thick and very moist. For some reason, thickly-sliced, firm tomatoes are always served with the breakfast meal. The serving sizes are well worth the money you pay.

Click on the following link to find the hours of operation and menu. Make Friends Cafe your breakfast place today.!breakfast/crrl