Tuesday, May 12, 2015


As soon as we heard that it was going to be over thirty degrees and sunny on Saturday, we immediately made plans to get out of the city and to a beach! We figured anything north would be cold, so we decided to check out Sandbanks Provincial Park in Picton, just a three hour drive from Brampton on the 401 East.

Of course, now that our son is 14 years old, we three can no longer easily fit into a tent and sleep on a double sized air mattress. Oh, the good old days when he was a small boy, all those fun times camping; I miss them so. But it's just as well, I'm not as young as I used to be and much prefer to sleep in a comfortable bed than on the cold, damp ground.

So, I went to the web and searched for hotels/resorts around that area and found a place called Sandbanks Beach Resort, which was near the Sandbanks Provincial Park. I know you can't really tell what a place is going to be like from pictures displayed on the website, but if you go to TripAdvisor and read some reviews, you can get a pretty good idea of what to expect.

I called the resort on Thursday night and, luckily, the cottage I wanted was vacant. I booked it right away and we set out Friday evening.  Three hours later we were getting settled in a four-bedroom, 2 bathroom cottage overlooking West Lake. The view was gorgeous, the park was pretty near empty, and the only noises we heard the entire weekend were birds singing and an occasional boat motor. Talk about your peace and quiet.

The owner of the cottage was a friendly, helpful, and gentle soul. He was a knowledgeable host. We didn't get the chance to meet his wife; however, I am positive that she possessed the same character traits.

The cottage itself was quite comfortable; I grew up in a house just like it so I was right at home. It was equipped with everything you could possible need: toaster, kettle, microwave, coffee maker, utensils, cutlery, dishes, pots and pans. The owner, Tim, said that the water was good for drinking, but we brought our own anyway, just in case. The only things we had to bring were bed linens and towels. There was Wi-Fi, satellite TV, and a gas barbecue on a large deck. Also, a swing, two picnic tables, and a small picnic table for kids.

On Saturday we drove a few minutes just down the road from Sandbanks Beach Resort to the Dunes Beach, which is the beach located on the south side of West Lake. There you can hike the sand dunes and get a spectacular view of both Lake Ontario and West Lake.  We toured the beach and hills around 2 o'clock, so the sand was very hot in some places. As always, my partner wore a thin coat of sunblock which didn't quite protect him from the sun's rays and by the time the evening came around, he was red as a lobster.

When we got back to the cottage we had to hit the showers as the sand was literally stuck to our skin. I made some fruit smoothies and we enjoyed them sitting on the dock. The weather was amazing; not hot, not cold, just right.

Later, we took a canoe ride and almost tipped over; three in a canoe is not a good idea. Of course, we did not stray too far from shore. We did see some interesting properties along the bank. Some cottages were vacant, others were occupied. It was nice to see others enjoying the day.

After our canoe ride, we put chicken and burgers on the barbie for dinner, and then sat around a campfire and watched the sun set. All in all it was a wonderful day. And, and, there were no mosquitoes! I guess it was too early in the spring for them, great for us. 

Here are a few pictures of our trip.

Waiting for the Delissio Pizza to come out of the oven. 

So excited to get out of the city.

2 piece bathroom. (I forgot to take a pic of the main bathroom, which was bigger.)

View from the deck.

Panoramic view from the deck.

So nice to wake up to birds singing rather than sirens.
West Lake.

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Lake Ontario in the back.

Where's my fruit smoothie?

The perfect end to a perfect day. 

Here's a link to the website: http://sandbanksbeachresort.com/

Go ahead and book your family getaway now, and tell Tim that I sent you.