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          CAIN WINDSOR was born and raised in Dawson Creek, BC. While on vacation with his parents one summer in Fredericton—he was seventeen—he fell in love with its scenic beauty, and ended up moving there shortly after graduating high school. He worked at Sutherland Honda as a technician and saved every penny to fulfill his dream of having his very own motorbike repair shop. He had no formal training, but his father had a deep love for motorbikes and taught Cain everything he knew.

When Cain had finished high school, he knew what he wanted to do and was very determined. He was not a regular teenager; he was intelligent and mature beyond his years. He had been taught the value of a dollar. He liked having money and he liked what it represented; power and respect. His father had saved for a college education, but Cain was not interested in wasting his time figuring out what he wanted to do, he knew what he wanted and so, when he left for New Brunswick, his father gave him half of his college fund and trusted that he would use it to help make his dream come true. Five years later, Cain had purchased some land and a small trailer just outside of Fredericton. His mother and father were so proud of him that they flew in the next day to congratulate him. Cain was making his dream come true, and his father, who was very supportive of Cain, gave him the last half of his college fund, $25,000.00. Cain couldn’t have been happier.

Cain received a promotion that year and became the head of the service department. He started out as a picker, someone who picks the parts needed for the repairs, and a year later he was given the chance to put his knowledge into practice and became a technician. He was a very social person and customers liked him so much that he became Sutherland’s most wanted technician. It wasn’t a surprise when the owner called him into his office and offered him the job.

For the next five years, Cain worked hard and saved his money. He enrolled in a Business Management course with the extra money from his promotion and went to classes after work. When he received his Diploma, his parents came for the ceremony and celebrated with Cain. They were so proud of him. He was handsome, with sandy blond hair and blue eyes, and so smart with money, and such a hard worker. His mother bragged about him at her weekly knitting circle and book club meetings, and his father boasted about him to his workers at his construction company. 

Five years gave Cain time to save and when he felt the time was right, consulted with his father about his business ideas. His father took time from work and came to help him organize his business plan and when that was finished, Cain made an appointment to his bank and spoke with a Loans Officer. Because of his excellent track record and the money he already had in his accounts, he got a loan to start his very own motorbike repair shop without any problem at all.

Cain’s father helped with the plans and construction of CAIN’S MOTORBIKE REPAIR SHOP. Within a year the shop was up and running. Cain was still living in the trailer and decided to keep on living in it; he would save money that way. He also kept his job at Sutherland Honda. He knew that it would take time to grow his business so he forwarded calls from his shop phone and dealt with customers from both his business and Sutherland’s business, and after work went home and worked in his shop. It worked out great. Repairing bikes wasn’t like real work because he loved doing it.  

Cain lived a good life. He had many friends and a few relationships. Women were drawn to him because of his good nature and maturity, but he did not feel the need to trouble himself with a long relationship. For Cain, his business came first. He traveled within the Maritimes and liked to fish and hunt. New Brunswick was a beautiful place with flowing rivers filled with fish and forests filled with deer. He took care of himself and never got into trouble. He listened to his parents when they gave advice and never strayed from his plan.

Another five years went by and in that time he had built himself a beautiful log cabin style home and got another loan to expand his business. CAIN’S MOTORBIKE REPAIR & REST STOP became a popular spot along the Trans-Canada Highway. The Grand Opening was a great success. He had clientele from Sutherland’s popping in for a visit from morning until dark, not to mention the hundreds of bikers he saw that day dropping in to rest; Labor Day weekend was a great time for the opening as there would be many bikers and campers and people rushing to get that last long weekend in before school and the beginning of the cold weather. There was a free barbecue, drinks, and some of his regulars bought desserts and salads. His friends came to support him, handing out flyers and pamphlets. And there were clowns making balloon animals for the children. Cain’s parents had flown in for the opening, both beaming with pride at their only child’s marvelous accomplishment. Cain’s father was not at all disappointed that he didn’t want to go into the family construction business; he knew that Cain was meant to walk a different path. His mother teased him about grandchildren. Cain didn’t mind for he felt a little lonely at times and sometimes wondered about having a family of his own. He was now 33 years old.

The day’s events didn’t end until the wee hours of the morning; bikers drove all night. The next day at breakfast, Cain and his parents realized that running the repair and rest stop was going to be a full time job. Cain was a little nervous at the thought of losing his day job. His father suggested that he hire full-time help to run the rest stop while he worked his day job. They talked about it some more and decided it was the best thing to do. The business was doing well despite the downtime during the winter. Of course, winter was when Cain would find deals on used and broken bikes and then refurbish them for sale during the summer. He did not sell new bikes, but with his knowledge, he could put together a bike from scratch. That was the part that he loved best; seeing the brand new product after all that hard work. There lay the greatest satisfaction.

Cain’s father had to go back to work, but his mother stayed and handled the hiring, for she was the brains of the family business, while Cain’s father was the brawn. She interviewed many people; it was hard to find someone she felt could be trusted to work alone. A week had passed and she had only a few people out of many she felt good about. She was no fool, she had a strong sense for people, for she had hired many throughout the years to work at the construction business. It was the end of the day when she heard a gentle knock at the door. When she opened the door, a young woman was holding the paper in which the job was posted, as well as a resume. She apologized for not making an appointment, but had gotten laid off her job the day before and was frantically searching for another, ranting about bills and rent to pay. Cain’s mother liked her immediately. Two days later, after Cain’s mother did a background check and called a dozen references, she was hired.

Cain’s mother stayed another week to help Julie get settled in. It didn’t take long for Julie to get a feel for what she had to do, and by the end of the week Cain’s mother felt she could leave the shop in Julie’s capable hands. It was Friday morning when Cain’s mother headed out to see Cain at Sutherland’s. She had lunch with Cain and they chatted about the business and she told Cain that the person she had hired was doing fine and was perfectly qualified of handling the position. Cain didn’t ask many questions as he trusted his mother and he knew that she only wanted the best for him. He loved his parents deeply and respected them, just as they loved and respected him. Cain drove her to the airport and they said their goodbyes.

On the drive home after work, Cain became a little uneasy. He realized that he did not know anything about the person his mother had hired. It was going to be a surprise when he met the person in the morning, for the job was from Monday to Friday and a half a day on Saturday. It was a great surprise to him when he walked into the office that morning and was met with the aroma of the best cup of coffee that he would ever drink again. He went to the pot and poured himself a cup. His eyes rolled in the back of his head and he let out a loud sigh of delight. He heard boxes fall and ran for the supply room. Julie was in the process of picking herself up off the floor and brushing herself off when he rushed in. Cain saw a mass of long curly blond hair.  Julie was wearing a casual red knit sweater that fit in the right places and a short black skirt that showed off her long lean legs. She looked up, and when their eyes met, it was love at first sight.

Their courtship was the longest and most romantic each had ever known. Julie had been career-driven as well; although, she was nowhere near to fulfilling her dream. She had wanted to run her very own hotel. Three months later, after a whirlwind romance, they had an incredible night of passion. Then, another three months later, after a long heartfelt talk into the wee hours of a Saturday morning, Cain asked her to marry him. He had found the love of his life. She had found the man of her dreams.

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