Saturday, September 12, 2015


1976 - Clint, Darren, Dwayne, Phonse

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was Robinson's Junction, 1976.

The ferry had just docked in Port-aux-Basques and aboard it was a busload of tourists. The bus had stopped at this Esso to refeul and the tourists exited the bus to stretch their legs. An elderly gentleman saw these boys and took a picture and gave the polaroid to Phonse. 

Perhaps he was drawn to their innocence. Maybe it was the way they were standing in line waiting for the school bus. Or maybe he had just bought a new camera and wanted to try it out. Whatever the reason, there is just something about this photo that makes me remember the good ol' days as a child. It makes me remember the good times: playing Pippi with Uncle Gary, swimming in the nearby river, playing Cowboys and Indians, using the stems of wild flowers as arrows; the long summer nights listening to  a transistor radio around the lantern, the homemade swing set where Aunt Linda would twirl us until we were dizzy, and the countless Snow Days playing Tracks.

There were good times and there were bad times, but looking at photos like this one reminds me of all the good, and that's what I choose to remember.