Sunday, November 1, 2015


Whenever I ponder my brother Clint,

I think: Now there’s a cool guy, he’s mint.

He loves the great outdoors in all her glory,

To hike and bike, and even ride in a dory.

A fire on the beach with his kin is great,

It is quite a joy for all who partake.

For his jokes are wild, his smile is sincere,

And when he laughs you better steer clear!

He might blow a gasket when he laughs out loud,

But that’s okay, just don’t take him near a crowd.

He can be kind and considerate, but when he’s having a bad day,

Just leave him alone and let him work it out his way.

He might take off for days at a time,

But hey, we all need our space, that’s fine.

Nothing ever gets him down for too long,

One thing that helps is the herb in the bong.

Some people say he’s fun at a party,

Even when he’s not drinking hearty.

He’s slowed down quite a lot in the past few years.

He’s gotten used to living with his demons and fears.

His partner seems nice and the kids are all small boys,

That’s good for him because Clint likes toys.

Like video games and remote control cars.

He likes playing guitar and eating Mars bars! (Ha ha ha)

We used to play as kids but as we got older,

We didn’t get along and we grew colder.

But now we are growing old and we tend to recall,

The times we played Pipi, Follow the Map, and Baseball.

We had a hard time growing up you see,

But all that is behind us now, we have to forget that misery.

We realize that life is too short not to give each other a call,

Before you know it we’ll have no time at all.

So, my dear brother Clint, who lives in Newfoundland,

Let’s get together this summer and maybe walk hand in hand.

Well, maybe not, but maybe we could go for a long hike instead,

Have a campfire and maybe toast some bread. (Ha ha ha)

I miss you a lot and every time I see,

A man with a bald head walking away from me,

I think about the time we got drunk and I left my key,

On the picnic bench where we drank Cranberry.

Here’s to you, my dear brother Clint,

With your bald head and blue eyes with a glint,

Have a very Happy Birthday on November 5th,

And I hope it’s a good year ‘til your forty-fifth.