Saturday, February 20, 2016



            I was born in Mississauga, to Newfoundlander parents. When I was born, I was immediately taken back to our home province of Newfoundland and Labrador. I returned to Ontario when I was three years old, because my parents had better job opportunities in Ontario. I grew up in Brampton, attended high school there, and after I went to the University of Toronto to study. Before politics I was a pharmacist, although I was very interested in politics as a young adult. I was part of the NDP party before branching off and creating my own political party, which I am running for now.

Why Canada needs a democratic government

            Democratic governments allow the public to become involved in politics, and have their own say in political matters. Usually in non-democratic countries, people are unhappy with the government and governmental policies but cannot change them because of the lack of democracy. In Canada, we value the ability to vote for our government and issues. And if we dislike the current government, we can call for an election and replace them with a better party. Sure, some people will not be happy with the government and the issues, but at least the majority of people will be happy and feel good about the government. Democracy is one of the oldest, and yet greatest forms of government, and is just what Canada needs.

My Political Party

            The United Canada Party branched off from the NDP party, thus many ideas are similar. The United Canada Party’s main platform is the de-centralization of Canada as well as the promotion of Canadian media and arts. We would like to raise the minimum wage to fifteen dollars a day, make childcare much more affordable, lower drug costs, improving the healthcare system, and cleaning the environment. We believe in supporting and promotions of the Canadian film and arts, and we would create a new censorship board. When a new film, television series, or any form of entertainment is released in another country, it will have to be approved by the censorship board to make sure that it fits in with Canadians. Blatantly patriotic forms of entertainment will be unapproved, and many American-based forms of entertainment will usually be disapproved as well, to try and stop the Americanization of Canada, and help with Canadian entertainment industry. We believe that this will help strengthen ties amongst the provinces and territories, which is another one of our party’s goals. Many Canadians feel alienated; a farmer living in Alberta will not know much about a fisherman in Nova Scotia, who will not know much about a city-goer in Ontario, who will not know much about an Inuit in Nunavut. We want to bridge the gap between the provinces and territories, and help Canadians understand the true beauty and magnificence of the country we live in.

Global and Canadian Issues

            The environment is important to us. A global climate crisis has been declared, and Canada needs to do its part to help stop climate change. Canada has one of the highest greenhouse gas emissions in the world. We want to stop the use of non-renewable energy, and switch to green energy such as: hydro, wind, solar, and tidal. It is time we stop using diesel and coal, and make an educated switch to fuels that will help save not only our environment, but the planet as well.
            We want to improve Canada as a whole, not just Quebec and Ontario. These two provinces make up over 60% of the total population of Canada. This can be problematic, because politics then becomes rather centralised in nature. This means that issues in Central Canada are taken into account more than the issues in the other provinces and territories. Many people immigrate to Central Canada because of the lack of jobs in their home provinces or territories, which can cause declining population in their home-province/territory. This can be hard on the immigrant too, as they have to leave the place where they grew up in order to sustain themselves. We want to create more jobs, improve education, and improve healthcare in these provinces, to support the populations of these provinces and territories as well discourage emigration.
            We also want to improve living conditions in Northern Canada. The price of food is ridiculously high, and Nutrition North does not seem to be functioning to its full extent. We want to try and lower food costs, as well as create more jobs in this area. We would also like to build mental health institutions, as the suicide rate in Northern Canada is higher than the rest of Canada.

Why vote for me?

          I care about all Canadians, and all of Canada, not just a certain area. I will be a caring and respectable Prime Minister who respects all, and I will do my absolute best to improve Canada as a whole. Unlike some candidates, I promise to tell Canadians the truth. I will discuss problems and laws instead of trying to sweep them under the rug, and I will encourage my fellow Canadians to become more involved in politics as well. If elected, I promise to stick to my changes, and work my hardest to make sure Canada becomes the country Canadians dream of.

Views of  a 15 year old.