Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Ode to Unit Seven

A long time ago, in ancient Greece, some
old guy discovered a new theory, about triangles’ sides,
and did you know the sum
of a shape’s interior angle is 180 times two, less the number of sides,
although splitting the shape into triangles also provides
the same thing.

All those angles outside a triangle make up 360, in fact
it’s the same for all shapes! Make sure you bring
that ruler to class, with all the shapes you’ll draw your paper will look a bit abstract.

A median divides a triangle in half, and the three medians meet at
the centroid. I’ll just flat
out tell you, on each median the centroid is twice as far from the vertex as it is
from the midpoint of the opposite side! Soon enough you’ll be a math whiz!

Jacob Kendall