Sunday, July 24, 2016


There is a little spot just south of the CN Tower where people can go to enjoy a great day swimming, sailing, sun-bathing, eating and drinking, and just enjoying nature. The sound of the sea (Lake Ontario feels like a sea) will echo in your ears, the hot sand will tickle your toes, and you can actually hear birds sing because there is very little traffic. Everyone will enjoy the day at Toronto Islands because it is such a great place to visit. I just can't believe that it took me so long to go. We left our house around 8:30 am and took the subway to Toronto's Union Station. A short walk from Union station got us to the ferry, which is only a few minutes ride. We walked around the outside part of the island, stopping once for lunch and then again on Hanlan's Beach to rest. By the time we got to the east side to catch the ferry back to Toronto it was 6 pm. What a beautiful day it was; the morning clouds cleared up by afternoon. I encourage anyone living in the area to take a day trip over there, it will leave you refreshed and renewed. 

The subway is the fastest and easiest way to get to Toronto. And these days, Toronto, is a hellish place for parking due to all the construction. 

Just waiting for the subway train, enjoying our first Tim's of the day.

Quite a few people await the ferry to the island. 

We take the ferry to Ward's Island, on the west side, since we plan to walk around the entire area.

We hope those clouds go away.

Great view of the city.

Just a few minutes on the ferry and then we are on the beach.

We stroll through a small community and check out the wildlife.

What's this? 

Interesting artwork.

Some people like sailing and boating.

Quaint cottages.

Some people like water sports.

Lunch at The Rectory Cafe. 

What are these people doing?

The CN Tower looms over the island every step of the way. Here, we are at the halfway point.

Some people like to hang out on the beach.

Some people like to burn their meat. 

Some people like to do Tai Chi.

Some people like to hang out on the nude beach.

Just like in the Caribbean. 

This is us getting burned on the nude beach.

Not everyone is as comfortable in their birthday suits.

The island airport.

Back in Toronto, time for a hot dog before heading home. What a day!

(A special thanks goes out to Ms. Kim Cattrall who inspired me to visit the island. Love Sensitive Skin!)