Thursday, November 24, 2016


There's an empty corner in the house today, 
Where a dog we once loved used to lay.
Her bed is now cold and full of her hair;
She lost so much over the last months she was almost bare.
So many nights she would grunt and moan, 
The vet told us the pain was caused by bone on bone.
The cartilage in her hip bones had worn away,
There was nothing else to do to put the pain at bay.
Within the hour our beautiful dog Lady was gone,
The vet told us it was the only thing that could be done. 

Lady was the greatest ever little puppy,
Docile, obedient, and a great little buddy.
She never had an accident in the house,
But one time she did chew up my blouse.
Sometimes we would leave her in the house alone,
And when we'd return she'd have a stuffed toy from Jake's room.

When Jake was a boy, too young for school,
We'd play hide-and-seek with her, that was cool.
She'd look away and then we'd run full-speed,
To the corners of the lot, where it was fully treed.
She'd run all around, thank goodness no one complained,
And then she'd sniff us out, happy to find us, and we'd lay on the grass, drained.
Those days were fun, too precious to try to put into words, 
It seems so long ago that they feel like they didn't occur.

Later, when Jake grew older and played with other friends,
Lady became a buddy to me, right to the very end.
In my days when I was angry and depressed,
I'd drive to the place where we both loved to de-stress.
I'd walk the trail and listen to the rush of the river's water,
She'd run through the woods, like she was running from a slaughter.
Oh, how she loved to swim, she loved the great outdoors,
And she tried so hard to catch those jerky squirrels.

The past few years the light faded from her eyes,
Cataracts caused them to turn different greys.
She was deaf and needed to be led by a leash,
If she didn't hear us, she would become confused and cease.
She could no longer make it up the stairs,
And she'd pee and poop in the house as a result of her fears.

It's so strange now, there's no one to greet us at the door,
Well, our cat comes out now and gives a meow.
We've had so many pets over the years, 
but Lady was the one who brought me to tears.

Goodbye Lady, 
Love always, 
Lisa, Jacob, and Craig

June 2002 - October 2016