Thursday, January 4, 2018


When JANUARY came in I finally got on the scales and to my
dismay I had gained ten pounds over the twelve days of Christmas.
Needless to say, I went on a diet.

The end of JANUARY saw my hubby with two broken toes.

FEBRUARY brought in a bonus from work for my hubby.

In MARCH, we went to the bingo and won.

The following week we got in  a car crash and lost our car, and
almost our lives.

APRIL started out with a trip to Dominican over Easter.

And a brand new car.

MAY's long weekend was spent at a cottage,
miles away from Brampton.

A week later I went under the knife to have my
gallbladder removed.

In JUNE, I turned fifty, a half a century! And I finally lost
those ten pounds I'd gained during Christmas.

In JULY, we went camping. It was our first time without
our sweet baby boy.


In AUGUST, we went to Newfoundland and everyone helped us do
some work on our trailer.

When my hubby got back from vacation, rats had chewed
2500.00 dollars worth of damage on our new car.

In SEPTEMBER, our son started his first day of the
last year of high school.

In OCTOBER, I got discriminated against at work; I never went back.
 I'm currently unemployed.

NOVEMBER sees my sweet baby boy turn 17!

And he starts driving.

And my hubby had to have surgery to remove troublesome
veins in his leg.

DECEMBER brought on the beauty and peacefulness of Christmas.
And, yes, I gained back those ten pounds!