Sunday, January 7, 2018


Round and round the Christmas tree I go 
Taking off the lights is making me dizzy
I fall down on one knee and I’m like Santa, drunk from
Too much milk and cookies.

I bought a few new ornaments this year
Traditional ones made from wood instead of plastic
Though I cannot talk bad about plastic since the first Christmas tree 
I ever had with my own family had nothing but plastic dollar store decorations. 
PS I do like the dollar store.

The star that sat upon the tree lights the way for the three wise men
They must have had one heck of a journey since camels only go so fast
I visualize that Star throughout the year whenever I feel like the entire 
World is against me and it gives me the courage to keep going.

The shiny tinsel reminds me of the old days, with Grammy and Grandfather
Then I picture piles of cakes and pies in the freezer, must be lunch time
So much tinsel, but at least I didn’t spot any
Coming out of my cat’s butt
I saw that once, it’s not pretty, it scarred me for life.

So there stands a bare Christmas tree that once stood so grand
Now it’s just dead, no wait, it’s just a fake one made of plastic and wire
Nevertheless, it has seen its time, it’s falling apart
And just like our lives, sometimes we just need to throw out the old stuff 
And have the faith to believe that new stuff will come.